About Us

Experienced international EHS regulatory advisors delivering solutions

Advisors each have a minimum of 15 years of relevant experience obtained in the public and the private sector covering Law, Science, Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Practice and Project Management.

Teamwork and IT

Client work is carried out in project teams, and is underpinned by electronic working, IT communications and IT control of email, working documents, and final deliveries. All projects have assigned project managers (who may or may not be client facing), and are regulated by the Technical & Operations Director (a senior project managing Consultant). R&D work comes under the control of the R&D Director.

A rigorous programme of professional development

In-house schemes provide web programming skills, practice with HSE laws, skill development in Chinese, Russian, German, French and other languages.

Specific in-house training for graduates and young people 

Young persons and graduates follow a Technical Apprentice Programme to develop key skills created during Investor in People accreditation (2002-2012).

Staff competency development tracking

Staff follow the Cardinal Competency Standard in order to track their development in a range of skill areas combining relevant aspects of skill tracking within the European Framework for Work Experience and the Institute of Leadership Management.

Achieving constant improvement

Significant company resources are devoted to quality assurance, in-house training, and R&D - this is recognised in Investor in People accreditation, corporation tax reclaims and ISO 9002 standard internal procedures.


Vacancies will be posted here as they become available. Note: applicants may be requested to sit a technical exam. Click here for an example paper.

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