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Cardinal Environment: Tailored ISO/OHSAS EHS Legal Registers Services -
UK, Europe, US, Worldwide (Cardinal ISO 14001 Legal Registers)

Immediately ISO/OHSAS compliant and admired by auditors, English-language Cardinal Tailored EHS Legal Registers are found in 100s of ISO/OHSAS accredited activities large and small. Supply comes with full Specialist Law Tailoring; Consolidated Law (where available, we are the only company to consolidate UK law for the internet); specially written Law Summaries; 12-month Regulatory Support/Annual Review/Email Alert by user-allocated Regulatory Specialists; Registers in Private Websites enabling user branding, document hosting and page editing; and no limits on user numbers in the subscription.

Cardinal Environment: HSE Law Checklists

A simple addition to Tailored ISO/OHSAS EHS Legal Registers and available for OHS and ENV alike. Cardinal HSE Law Checklists are sold as part of the Registers service to provide useful forensic questions in separate downloadable webpages written in straightforward English triggered by Register Tailoring. The add-on cost is low. HSE Law Checklists aid understanding and compliance, help ISO/OHSAS accreditation, and support site staff & auditors alike. HSE Law Checklists are available for an increasing number of individual jurisdictions.

Cardinal Environment: Client-specified EHS Regulation Systems

This service creates client-specified web systems that are unique and navigate to customer specifications and cover Law, Management, Bespoke Regulatory Summaries and Hosted Documents. Each web system can be designed to fit to client marketing standards for internet look and as well as content.

HSE Law Checklists - New

Please ask for a demonstration of the Cardinal HSE Law Checklists, these are supplied together with the Cardinal Tailored EHS Legal Registers.

Cardinal HSE Law Checklists are self-editable and document compliance for ISO purposes.

Cardinal Environment: SHE CONLAW Registers (in Tailored Registers) - UK

Consolidated law registers deliver the full text of the public laws and the relevant revisions and amendments, together with appropriate law summary information and regulatory guidance, and cover all areas of Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental legislation, including REACH , CLP and CDG.