Our Law Tracking

International EHS Laws and Standards

Specialists working in Cardinal's International Law Tracking activity operate Cardinal's EHS Law Tracking System and Cardinal's Law and Summary Text Libraries for the UK and 200 International Jurisdictions.

Cardinal's EHS Law Tracking System is the quality-controlled process by which the Law Tracking staff identify, source, verify, store, consolidate and make available in Internet (web) language (coding), the (language of publication) text of enacted and draft EHS legislation, standards, guidance and policy texts from International, European (EC), National and Local law-makers and regulators, and their publishers.

Working with Registrars

Our objective is to promulgate accessible, transparent and comprehensible EHS Laws, and to realise fairness and consistency in compliance and enforcement, thereby conserving client and regulator resources. Only Ministry recognized document sources are used, and Law Tracking staff make every possible effort to work closely with individual law-makers to ensure that regulatory documents are subject to the correct retrieval, consolidation, analysis and copyright display treatment.

Quality Assurance and Text Summaries

Summaries of International, European, National and Local law are produced by staff working within the International Law Tracking activity. Cardinal text summaries are intended to deliver practical information on Key Dates, Key Objectives and Key Obligations, and are supplied to clients in accordance with the requirements of consulting commissions established with the company.

Relevance and Actions Required text and client-specific Key Obligations text are established by the client-allocated project team. Cardinal text summaries are available in Internet (web) language (coding), and are held in Text Libraries. All parts of Cardinal document production and the work in the International Law Tracking activity are governed by Cardinal QA.

Languages and Law Consolidation

Cardinal staff work in the company common language of English, and address the multi-language requirements of individual tasks by utilizing in-house electronic translation tools and the services of carefully selected external translators and interpreters. Multi-language work is covered under the company's quality control system. EHS Laws are supplied consolidated where possible. UK law is consolidated in-house.