Current Vacancies

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Account Managers: NONE
Consultants (Graduates): NONE
Technical Apprentices (Graduates): NONE
Technical Apprentices (Young Persons): NONE

Selection Interviews & References

Cardinal Environment Ltd is an Equal Opportunities Employer, and has written procedures that govern the selection and interviewing of new staff. As soon as a new vacancy becomes available, information on the selection process that is applicable to that vacancy is available from the Recruitment section of the Cardinal website.

Prior to recruitment, all references will be taken up, and other investigations carried out as necessary.

Performance Review & Skill Tracking

The performance of all Cardinal staff is assessed at regular intervals and the skill, knowledge and experience development of each member of staff is tracked and recorded in individual Staff Books. Staff Books also record on-the-job training and senior mentoring activities, and each junior staff member is assigned to a senior consultant for personal guidance.

Technical Apprentice Staff Books make detailed reference to the Apprentice Footprint as a guide to the progress made with particular skills and aptitudes.

Foundation Courses & Technical Exams

From time to time, Cardinal Foundation Courses may be available, which are open to Cardinal staff and new entrants.

Cardinal Foundation Courses address skill and knowledge gaps and cover aspects of Information System construction, Law analysis (basic level), and Summary Text writing.

Cardinal internal Technical Examinations assess relevant knowledge, aptitude and skills.