Specialist Consultancy

Very senior and director level consultancy is provided
to resolve difficult regulatory issues, for example:

  • Permitting including Off-shore Oil & Gas)
  • Climate Change & Eco-Taxes
  • Chemicals regulation
  • Product specific issues

Related Consulting

Fixed price and other packages are arranged for
clients wishing to extend into related areas, for example:

  • Food safety
  • Product quality (defined product areas)
  • Medicines
  • Duty of care

Fixed Price Work

HSE examples, including:

  • ISO14001/18001 Legislation Registers
    (EU25 and most countries worldwide)
  • ISO 14001/EMAS Environmental Management Systems
    (also on the Internet)
  • HSE Liabilities & Future-Proofing
    (also on the Internet)

Enquiry Support & Other Support

Specialist advisor support, including:

  • HSE regulation (UK - annually
    renewable telephone and email support)
  • ISO 14001 accreditation (UK and
    selected other countries)
  • Other enquiry support packages as arranged


Consulting is delivered through tailored online legislation registers as well as in direct telephone, webinar, conference calls and email correspondence between the allocated EHS regulatory specialist and the client.